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    • paddenstoel


Uitgebreide vertaling voor mushroom (Engels) in het Nederlands


mushroom [the ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

  1. the mushroom (fungus)
    de paddestoel; de champignon; de zwam
    • paddestoel [de ~ (m)] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • champignon [de ~ (m)] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • zwam [de ~ (m)] zelfstandig naamwoord
  2. the mushroom (fungus; toadstool)
    de champignon; paddestoelsoort; de zwam

Vertaal Matrix voor mushroom:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
champignon fungus; mushroom; toadstool
paddestoel fungus; mushroom
paddestoelsoort fungus; mushroom; toadstool
zwam fungus; mushroom; toadstool
- mushroom cloud; mushroom-shaped cloud

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Verwante definities voor "mushroom":

  1. fleshy body of any of numerous edible fungi1
  2. a large cloud of rubble and dust shaped like a mushroom and rising into the sky after an explosion (especially of a nuclear bomb)1
  3. any of various fleshy fungi of the subdivision Basidiomycota consisting of a cap at the end of a stem arising from an underground mycelium1
  4. mushrooms and related fleshy fungi (including toadstools, puffballs, morels, coral fungi, etc.)1
  5. common name for an edible agaric (contrasting with the inedible toadstool)1
  6. grow and spread fast1
    • The problem mushroomed1
  7. pick or gather mushrooms1
    • We went mushrooming in the Fall1

Wiktionary: mushroom

  1. fruiting body of a fungus

Cross Translation:
mushroom paddestoel; zwam Pilz — oberirdisch wachsendes Teil eines Pilzes[1] aus fleischigem Stiel und Hut
mushroom champignon champignon — (botanique) Organisme eucaryote pluricellulaire, comportant un ensemble d’hyphes formant le mycélium (appareil végétatif, filaments blanchâtres).

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